We are Open!

WiP joins Open!, the national event promoted by Cnappc calling architecture firms to open the doors of their offices to visitors to showcase their work, activities and ongoing researches.

We will open our orange door on Friday, May 18th from 2 pm to 6 pm: come and see our last projects, our creative research and our headquarter, where we practice the integration among different fields of work which has become our strenght.

The exhibition Punti di Fuga will be set up at our office, collecting a selection of last works by Marco Splendore, WiP Founding Partner and Concept Design Division Manager. Showcased works illustrate visual studies on ongoing projects as well as spontaneous and independent visions: the silver thread is the vanishing point (punto di fuga), in its geometric meaning as well as symbolic, the subtext of utopian design ideas, to “escape” within the creative research.

We are Open!

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