The cities of WITHIN_WIP at Fuorisalone (Design Week) 2014

“Marco Splendore’s images recall Wim Wenders’ film, Until the End of the World: while planet earth is threatened by a fallen satellite, Sam and Claire traverse various countries across the globe, escaping from the imminent catastrophe as they do so.
Their voyage ends in Australia, where Sam’s father makes a camera that allows his blind wife to see images again. The images are soft and colourful with indefinable outlines.
Like those of Splendore, the images are unrecognizable yet clear; an evocative narrative that frames the micro-cosmos devised by Four Project. Pure solids are allowed to be contaminated by living, natural elements such as wood, and artificial, evanescent elements such as acrylic. With this game of contamination, the materials open up to new scenes that can be reflected by their surroundings”.
Making its debut with the collaboration of WIP Architetti with the Four Projects firm: the photographic images of Marco Splendore. The images depict cities featuring and enhanced by the material presence of Plexiglas prisms made by the company specializing in custom products in the field of furnishing and trim, and dedicated to chromatic and ornate experimentation on plastics.

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