Team Building WiP: Work in Progress, Work in Change

On Friday, December 15th, WiP team has participated to “Work in Progress, Work in Change”, a Team Building event conceived to mark the beginning of a new course, characterized by energy, dedication, ambition to excellence. The event was an opportunity to share results, opinions and expectations for the future, as well as an important chance to interact collectively for a team which constantly grows and needs therefore a continuous debate. Professor Leonardo Milani was hosted at the event: prof. Milani is a psychologist, head of Psicologia del Benessere Institute, internal leadership teacher, mental trainer for Frecce Tricolori, the Italian National Airshow Patrol. Prof. Milani has worked together with WiP team on the right internal attitude to build an excellent team. With our Team Building event we say goodbye to 2017, aware of our strenghts and weaknesses, keeping on working for a personal and collective improvement. Happy Holidays!

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