Our Story

WiP was born in 2000 under the name Work in Progress Architetti, from the partnership between Federico Barbero, Nicola Di Troia e Marco Splendore. Childhood friends, they have been developing different but complementary profiles able to work on creative and professional projects thanks to the personal, education and professional diverse experiences. In 2008, the former architecture firm became design company – WiP Architetti Srl, welcoming in the group Giuseppe Garbetta, Technical Area Manager.

WiP carries in the name the idea of a developing creative process. Thanks to the continuous updating in relation to technical regulations, the accrued awareness about energetic issues and BIM, the attention to a rapidly evolving and competitive market the group has been growing throughout the years until it became what it is today: a multidisciplinary team of 40 experienced professionals able to – thanks to their multiple and diverse skills – satisfy private and public bodies’ requests operating in the real estate sector.

The diversification in three areas of work – Architecture, Technical, Engineering, led by defined managers – is the physiologic consequence of this evolution: specialized lines of work. operating individually or within an integrated project, to carry on WiP’s ambition: contribute, according to our ethical and cultural values, to a sustainable growth, compatible with our environment.

Years' experience

Areas of work