Surveys and Land Registry Division Manager

Nicola is a graduated surveyor and he is registered to Milan Surveyor Register with number 11539.

After pre-professional practice, he has started to work independently with different engineering and architecture firms in Taranto, where he carried out activities as topography surveyor for fractionations and construction sites layouting for development plans and new buildings realization, as well as management of necessary procedures for the inventory of new building units to competent revenue agency.

In 2009 he moves to Milan where he collaborates with engineering office Edera Srl, carrying out surveys and land registration of the underground parking garage in piazza Piemonte and handling construction authorizations for restoration works of residential units.

Since 2010 he has been collaborating with WiP within Technical Area, where he fulfills the role of Project Manager. He coordinates the topographical surveys activities, land registry updating and construction paperworks, managing assigned commissions from the beginning of the work through planning and execution to the audit for the closure of the procedures.