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On the occasion of the next edition of SIA Hospitality Design, which will be held in Rimini from 9 to 11 October, WiP Architecture Technical Engineering presents “Hospitality Next Step”, an innovative hotel room concept. The full-size installation is set up inside ROOMS Hotel Design Lab, the large space, inside SIA, aimed at hotel professionals who offers them exclusively the proposals of eight prestigious design hospitality brands made in Italy.

The “Hospitality Next Step” project was born with the idea of ​​re-interpreting the hospitality space in order to meet the new market needs arising from the evolution of the use of hotel services. The “Serviced Apartment” model that will be presented inside the SIA proposes the coexistence of different functions in a single space: the guest can in fact book and request specific services and environments inside the room, customizing it for an ideal stay.

The room space is then proposed with a neutral garment, and subsequently modified ad hoc, to generate the different configurations chosen by the guest during the booking phase. It is a flexible, technological and essential room.

9-10-11 October

SIA Hospitality Design

Rooms Division


Exhibition Center – Rimini

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