WIP Architects’ mission is to make every project sustainable and achievable, through the management of the entire integrated design.
Quality, timeliness and respect of the costs, diversified expertise, and ultimate satisfaction of the Customer and of all interested parties represent the best reward and a constant stimulus for the Company.


  • A careful and thoughtful growth through a diversified and specialized know-how, involving everyone towards the highest quality.
    In support of its mission, WIP Architects intends to achieve the following objectives:
  • Improvement of the business competences, through the diversification of the internal specialism;
  • Company’s Customer-oriented approach, both in terms of quality and transparency;
  • Empowerment, consciousness, and staff involvement;
  • Implementation of the creative aspects of the project with the technical structural demands and the integrated design;
  • Expansion of the market in new national and international realities;

WIP has lastly established to consider the quality and the continuous improvement of the services offered as crucial elements to completely satisfy its Customers.

  • To manage the Company’s quality system in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015;
  • To give the Customer a central role in the product and service improvement process
  • To consider  the Customer’s satisfaction as the first corporate value;
  • To ensure the right conditions for a successful execution of the internal procedures, in compliance with the national and international legislation, and all the mandatory regulations, including the Customer’s potential specific demands;
  • To respect, throughout the activities of the integrated design, the best professional practice requirements and the compliance with the regulations of safety in coordinated fields, as agreed with the Customer;
  • To activate anything necessary in terms of human resources to pursue the objectives;
  • To keep the right conditions to guarantee the protection of the Customer’s sensitive information;
  • To create the conditions so that all Company staff can learn properly about the quality management system;
  • To create, keep and improve the conditions to encourage the constant participation, the necessary empowerment, the right motivation and gratification of the whole staff involved in the activities carried out by the Company.

With a view to pursue a continuous improvement, the Company’s management has identified the following strategic objectives and undertakes to check their development constantly in order to achieve them in accordance with the provisions of the business management system:

  • Timeliness stated by the contract to successfully conclude the work;
  • To seek a thoughtful and sustainable growth;
  • To identify the measurement parameters of the effectiveness of the processes and the compliance with the mandatory requirements of the services offered;
  • To rely on suitable and skilled suppliers;
  • To carry out a periodical review of the environment in which it operates, of the processes, the risks and the opportunities, and a contingent management of non-compliance issues with regard to their execution;
  • Improvement of the performance and communication in the management of the contract;
  • Improvement of the Customer’s satisfaction parameters through the assessment of the best balance between the Company’s profit and the Customer’s requirements;
  • Achievement of the annual targets related to the revenues and the operating margin;
  • To respect the choices undertaken and formalized by both B of D (Board of Directors) and all members, with no one-sided decisions.

The Quality Management System, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, represents the essential management tool for the delivering of the targets defined from time to time throughout the Management’s review.

The mission implementation is transparently shared with the Customers, the suppliers, the employees, the collaborators, and all the relevant interested parties.

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