Project: feasibility study with support in the detection of the building, architectural and installation design, support to the work supervision and testings
Location: Firenze
Dimension: 300 sqm
Year: 2018
Photographies: Stéphane Giraudeau

Offices&Space Planning division has carried out the restoration of an office space in Firenze, in a 300 sqm space at the ground floor in Novoli area, within the new San Donato complex.
The intervention foresees the merging of two formerly commercial units, located at different levels and connected with a ramp and few steps. By doing so, the office benefits from large spaces, accommodating open areas with multiple workstations as well as quieter areas for activities requiring more isolation – as the big meeting room – and soundproof rooms for phone calls and videoconferences. The office accommodates sixteen open space workstations; two phone booths; a meeting room for sixteen people; a break area; a technical room, an archive/storage room; a copy machine room.