Project: refurbishment of lighting and emergency lighting system, special installations (data system, fire detection, public address, CCTV operation, video entryphone), refurbsihment of air conditioning and ventilation installation, sanitary installation, fire protection, irrigation of green zones system.
Location: via Cernaia, Milano
Dimension: 9.800 sqm
Year: 2016 – ongoing

The refurbishment is finalized to make the building suitable to the rent to different tenants: after a preliminary phase of energetic audit, aimed to assess consumptions, inefficiencies and optimization potentialities the development of the new installation project was conducted in accordance with the illustrated purpose, locating terminal elements of installation on the basis of the employed design grid: this expedient guarantees high flexibility in case of moving and reconfiguration of spaces, keeping operative requirements satisfied. Different lines have been elaborated on the basis of different sections, on the basis of modularity, flexibility, functional and performance expandability criteria. The procedure of release of LEED certification 2009 for Core and Shell, Gold level, is ongoing.