Project: point cloud acquisition through 3D scanning, ortho images generation
Location: Milan
Year: 2018

A 3D survey of piazza Sempione and Caselli Daziari in Milan has been executed using FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 130 station, detecting in details Eastern Casello. The station has been located in defined detection points, studied by a preliminary analysis that analyzed the best positioning of the tool in order to detect the whole building, with no blind spots. Target have been employed: devices interacting with the tool, setting up fixed reference points for the whole detection process. The result of the measurement is a grayscale point cloud, integrating dimensional data; tool’s software assigns real color to each point thanks to 360° photographic images acquired by the tool. The softwares detects targets and combines different scannings – automatically or manually – according to reference points. The final result of the process is a complete point cloud, cleaned out from useless scanned parts, integrating dimensional and colour data.