SIA Hospitality Design – October 2019

On the occasion of the next edition of SIA Hospitality Design that will take place in Rimini from 9 to 11 October, WiP Architecture Technical Engineering presents “Hospitality Next Step” an innovative concept of hotel room. The full-size installation is set up inside ROOMS Hotel Design Lab, the large space within SIA, aimed at hotel professionals who offers them exclusively the proposals of eight prestigious designer hospitality brands in Italy. “Hospitality Next Step” project was born with the idea of reinterpreting the hospitality space in order to meet the new market needs arising from the evolution of the use of hotel services. The “Residence” model that will be presented within the SIA proposes the coexistence of different functions in a single space, the guest can in fact book and offer specific services and environments inside the room, customizing it for an ideal stay. The space of the camera is then proposed with a neutral, and specially prepared ad hoc, with the various proposals, making it flexible, technical and essential, to generate the different functions chosen by the guest during the booking.

hospitality day


SIA Hospitality Design – OCTOBER 2019 WiP PRESENTS HOSPITALITY NEXT STEP A temporary installation of a hotel room tailored to the Hauz Store on Via Cavallotti 13

On the occasion of Design Week 2019 and the opening of the second Hauz store in Milan, WiP presented Hospitality: Next Step: the reproduction of a custom-designed hotel room for the Store on Via Cavallotti 13, which have the Wip signature. The design solution, designed for a space of 50 square meters, includes a luxury suite with a relaxation area, an office corner and a bathroom. The space is defined by a wooden paneling that follows the perimeter of the walls and is an integral part of the furniture, turning into the headboard of the bed or part of the shower cubicle (Cesana). The bed (Hauz) is centrally located and in line with the entrance, on the right side of the bed we find the relaxation area with two two-tone seats in microfiber (Arteinmotion) while on the left is the office area with desk and laptop. The bathroom furnishings are Agape; next to the bed is the DR bathtub, a model of flexible tub with two seats with soft and sinuous lines. The shower (Cesana) is located behind the wall supporting the washbasin (Agape). The ZenzaHome lamps positioned above and to the sides of the bed are characterized by different geometric textures that create an elegant and oriental atmosphere. The Well-contact Plus plate system (Vimar) that we find in the entrance area and on the sides of the bed is a solution designed specifically for cutting-edge hotel solutions that allow constant control of the environment. A unique automation system that also manages lights, temperature, security, energy and accesses via computer, offering functionality and comfort in every single environment. The project research program starts from the analysis of the existing typologies to end with the conception of a new model of living space to get better in tune with the new needs of hospitality. From this experience that will be presented at Design Week 2019, the basis for WiP is created to create the development of what will be the pilot project that will evolve into a new type of space for medium / long-term stays: a new room model for the new generation of hotels that look to the ever more advanced needs of hospitality.