@Design Week – Hospitality Next Step published on Il QI

On the occasion of Design Week 2019 and the opening of the second Hauz store in Milan, WiP presents Hospitality: Next Step: the reproduction of a custom-designed hotel room for the Store on Via Cavallotti 13, which bears the signature of the studio of WiP architecture.

WiP Architecture Technical and Engineering, which since 2018 has structured a Hospitality Division with a team dedicated to design in the hotel sector, has received from the company Bed and Bath Italia, the task of creating a temporary installation within the same store Design Week.

The design research program starts from the analysis of the existing typologies to end with the conception of a new model of living space to get better in tune with the new needs of hospitality.

From this experience that will be presented at Design Week 2019, the basis for WiP is created to create the development of what will be the pilot project that will evolve into a new type of space for medium-long term stays: a new room model for the new generation of hotels that look to the ever more advanced needs of hospitality.

–> 6 Il QI locandina 21 marzo 2019

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